Location – Thailand “The Land of Smiles”

Thailand the cultural hub of South East Asia is a major tourist destination attracting 38.27 million tourists during 2018. Thailand also features among world’s top ten tourist destinations.  Thailand has a rich history with numerous historical monuments along with one of the finest beaches, islands. North of Thailand is a major destination for trekking and adventure travels and south of Thailand is known for its islands and scenic sandy beaches. Thai culture is primarily influenced by Indo China culture and several cities are truly cosmopolitan with an exotic and vibrant mix of cultures.

Thailand’s identity is derived from its national religion Theravada Buddhism. The official Thailand calendar is based on BE (Buddhist Era) which is running 543 years ahead of Gregorian Calendar hence the Thai version of Carbon Black 2019 conference dates can be read as 5thto 7thNov 2562. Thailand is also proud of its Monarchy reflecting in its official name “Kingdom of Thailand”. The Head of the State is Ruling House of Chakri, making Thailand a Constitutional Monarchy. 

The formal way of greetings is world famous “wai” with both palms pressing against each other and fingers facing upward, males use the word “Sawadi Krab” and females use the word “Sawadi Ka”  while greeting others.

It will be unlikely to not to find Thai restaurants serving Thai Cuisines in any part of the world. Thai cuisines are primarily build around five tastes sweet, sour, spicy, bitter and salty. The staple food of Thailand is rice based and its worthy to note that Thailand has five thousand varieties of rice and their genes are preserved at Rice Gene Bank Philippines under International Rice Research Institute. 

Major tourist destinations within Thailand includes Bangkok, Ayuthaya, Pattaya, Phuket, Krabi, Chiang Mai and many other towns flocked by tourists as per their interests and inclinations for different activities. 

Bangkok temperature during Nov remains humid with few possible rainy days and daily mean temperature around 28°C